The all-in-one CRM platform that is turn-key, done for you

After working with companies of all sizes for 15 years we’ve learned most don’t want to deal with managing or configuring software. They want solutions. That’s why we created the first fully integrated done-for-you digitization platform.

Digitally transform your business

Tize is more than a software platform. We digitize your business by analyzing how you work and implementing digital transformations, software, and process improvements, leading to scale, efficiency, and growth.


A robust All-in-one platform to run your entire business

Tize is your single command center for acquiring, retaining, and servicing your clients.

The best part, It’s all done for you

We do the setup, customization, and even usage of it like sending an email campaign for setting up your customers. Saving headaches and implementation failures.

A comprehensive catalog of modules-everything needed to transform your business

Your business has unique needs. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive catalog of apps and modules to power your business. We will work closely with you to select the modules you need, from start to launch. 

CRM Core

Improve relationships, streamline process, and improve productivity by managing all customer and stakeholder relationships in a centralized location.

Customer and Affiliate Portals

Keep everyone in the loop 24/7 with the secure portal for communication, file sharing, billing & more!

Billing and Invoicing

Accept payments directly in the CRM with multiple payment gateway and types. Configure complex payment and billing intervals, recurring and usage-based.

Workflow Automation

Often referred to as the “swiss army knife” it makes automation of virtually anything you can dream up possible from communications, marketing, and process management.

Document Generation and Mail Fulfillment

Fully integrated print and mail service for invoices, customer notices, and letters. Eliminate the time and expense associated with mail fulfillment.

Email/Text (SMS) Communications

Connect where your customers want to, 2-way SMS with your dedicated business SMS line, emails, chat, and voice directly from inside the platform.


Seamlessly Integrates traditional electronic document execution, along with advanced features for over-the-phone voice signature execution.

Onboarding Engine

Custom onboarding wizards collect information and trigger simple or complex workflows. Common examples include applications and information collection.

You decide what’s important, Let Tize handle the rest!

Tired of burning money and time trying to get your software to work?

Stop fussing with your CRM, automations, and your software. We digitize your business with our all-in-on CRM. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger, it’s all done for you.


Innovation helps companies stay relevant. Our unique done-for-you approach creates opportunities for companies of all sizes to provide efficient digital experiences for their customers and team members.



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